7 Must Know Palworld Tips and Tricks for Every Beginner

palworld tips and tricks

Palworld, developed by Pocket Pair, Inc., is an open-world creature collection survival game. Players find themselves stranded on the Palapagos Isles with only a “Paldeck” and wild pals at their disposal. They must catch various Pals to battle against poachers and uncover island mysteries. Released in Early Access on January 19, 2024, Palworld base sold over six million copies within eight hours. The game offers diverse biomes, numerous dungeons, and a base for exploration and monster-catching enthusiasts.

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Game Mechanics

The main objective of the game is to catch and befriend various wild pals inhabiting the different biomes and use them for battling against poachers while uncovering mysteries.

Players must learn how to navigate through diverse environments, including forests, deserts, and mountains. Each biome presents unique challenges and opportunities for finding different types of Pals. For instance, in forested areas, players may encounter leafy companions like Leafi or Fluffpaca.


The primary goal in Palworld is to build shelters using resources gathered from the environment while simultaneously protecting captured Pals from being poached by enemies. Players can explore dungeons scattered across the islands to acquire valuable items that aid in their survival journey.

By understanding these fundamental mechanics and objectives of Palworld, beginners can effectively strategize their gameplay experience around catching Pals suitable for both combat situations as well as resource gathering expeditions.

Learning about these essential aspects will enable new players to immerse themselves fully into this captivating world filled with adorable creatures waiting to be discovered!

Assigning Pals to Jobs Efficiently

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How to Assign

To assign jobs to pals in Palworld, simply select the workstation and choose the pal you want for that task. It’s a straightforward process where you match the right pal with the specific job.

Palworld offers an intuitive interface for assigning Pals to workstations. By clicking on a workstation, players can easily select from their pool of pals and allocate them accordingly.

Use Your Partner Pal

In Palworld, your partner pal is an essential asset. This unique pal helps streamline operations by providing support in various activities around your base.

Your partner pal can be utilized effectively by strategically assigning tasks that align with its strengths or skills. For instance, if your partner pal excels at gathering resources, consider allocating it to resource-intensive jobs within your base.

Single Skills Pals

Having pals with single skills in your base can significantly enhance productivity. These pals are specialized in particular areas of work and can contribute more efficiently compared to multi-skilled pals.

Spending Technology Points for Maximum Benefit

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To make the most of technology points in Palworld, players should focus on acquiring more points, finding great eagle statues, leveling up fast, and utilizing the points effectively. One way to get more technology points is by investing time in the game and using a game pass.

Finding great eagle statues is essential as they provide an opportunity to earn additional points. To level up fast and gain access to more features related to technology points, players must concentrate on completing tasks efficiently within the game.

Once enough points are accumulated, it’s crucial to use them wisely by exploring options available under the technology tab. By focusing on these key aspects, players can maximize their benefits from technology points in Palworld.

Utilizing Berries and Health Management

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Healing Pals

In Palworld, keeping your Pals healthy is crucial for their performance in battles. When they lose HP, it’s important to have the necessary items to heal them. You can use various berries and food items to restore their health.

You can access the healing menu in Palworld where you’ll find a list of available items for healing your Pals. By selecting the appropriate item from the menu, you can easily heal your Pals’ health bar.

Reviving Pals

If one of your Pals falls in battle, don’t worry! You have the option to revive them using specific recipes or items found within the game. These options are accessible right from the beginning of Palworld, ensuring that you can quickly get your fallen Pal back into action.

To revive a fallen Pal, navigate through your inventory and select the revival item or recipe required for bringing them back. Once used, your Pal will be revived and ready to join you once again.

Best Pals To Catch Early in Palworld

How to Catch Pals in Palworld

In Palworld, catching pals is crucial for your success. You can catch them using a variety of methods, such as throwing a pal ball or luring them with berries. Once you have weakened the pal’s health, it becomes easier to catch them.

Catching pals early in the game is essential for building a strong team. One of the best ways to do this is by capturing versatile and adaptable pals that can aid you throughout your journey.

Some great options for early catches include:

  • Eletux: This Water/Electric-type pal has a balanced set of stats and versatile moves, making it an excellent addition to your team.
  • Smazee: A Fighting-type pal with high attack stats, Smazee can be very useful during battles.
  • Adahi: As a Normal/Flying-type pal, Adahi possesses good speed and decent offensive capabilities.

These pals are not only powerful but also provide diverse move sets that will help you overcome various challenges within the game.

Best Pals to Catch Early in the Game

When starting out in Palworld, it’s important to focus on catching pals that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, having both Eletux and Smazee on your team covers multiple elemental types and provides flexibility during battles.

Considering their evolution paths can also be beneficial. Some pals evolve into even stronger forms as they level up or meet certain conditions. Understanding these evolutions will allow you to plan ahead when forming your team.

How to Ride Pals in Palworld

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Finding Rideable Pals

To ride Pals in Palworld, the first step is to find a rideable Pal. These are typically larger and more robust than other Pals. Look for creatures that seem strong and capable of carrying a rider. Once you’ve identified a suitable candidate, the next step is to craft a saddle.

Crafting Saddles Crafting a saddle is essential for riding your Pal comfortably in Palworld. To do this, gather the necessary materials such as leather, cloth, or any other resources required by the game. Then head to your crafting station and follow the instructions to create the saddle.

Comfortable Exploration

Riding Pals enhances mobility and makes exploring the vast open world of Palworld much more enjoyable. By riding on your captured creature’s back, you can cover long distances quickly without expending too much time or effort.

Increased Mobility As mentioned earlier, after playing for some time in Palworld, increasing mobility becomes crucial to save time while traveling across different areas of the game world. Riding Pals significantly improves your speed and agility when traversing various terrains.

How do you summon pals in Palworld?

To summon pals in Palworld, players can use a special item called the “Pals Lure.” This lure is essential for attracting and capturing various pals throughout the game. When using the Pals Lure, players need to strategically place it in an area where they believe specific pals may be found. Once placed, the lure will attract nearby pals, allowing players to capture them.

Players should pay attention to their surroundings and consider placing lures near habitats or areas where certain types of pals are likely to appear. For example, if a player is seeking aquatic pals, they should place the lure near bodies of water such as rivers or lakes within the game’s world. This strategic placement increases the likelihood of attracting desired pals.

Once a pal has been attracted by the Pals Lure, players must then carefully approach and interact with it to initiate the capturing process. Different kinds of lures may be required for different types of pals; therefore, it’s important for players to obtain various lures that cater to their specific needs when attempting to summon different kinds of creatures.


Mastering the basics of Palworld is crucial for a successful gaming experience. From assigning Pals to jobs efficiently to spending technology points wisely, every decision impacts gameplay. Efficiently utilizing berries and managing health is essential, as is capturing the best Pals early on and learning how to ride them. Understanding how to summon Pals also plays a pivotal role in advancing in Palworld.

To become a top player in Palworld, mastering these fundamental aspects is key. By implementing the tips and tricks provided, players can enhance their gameplay and progress more effectively. Embracing these strategies will undoubtedly lead to a more enjoyable and successful Palworld experience.


Question 1: How do you summon pals in Palworld?

To summon pals in Palworld, players need to use a special item called the “Pal Summoning Scroll.” This scroll can be obtained through various means such as crafting or purchasing from other players. Once acquired, simply use the scroll to summon a pal to your location.

Question 2: What are some tips for efficiently assigning Pals to jobs in Palworld?

When assigning Pals to jobs in Palworld, consider their individual strengths and weaknesses. Match their abilities with the requirements of each job for maximum efficiency. Regularly check on their performance and make adjustments as needed to optimize productivity.

Question 3: How can players maximize the benefits of spending Technology Points in Palworld?

Players should prioritize investing Technology Points into essential upgrades that directly impact gameplay, such as improving resource gathering efficiency or unlocking new features. It’s crucial to strategize and allocate points wisely based on individual playstyles and long-term goals within the game.

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