Honest Lethal Company Review: Is The Exhilaration Worth the Time?

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Lethal Company is a new sci-fi horror game that combines the thrill of survival gameplay with cooperative multiplayer, set in an eerie, moonlit landscape. As you step into the paranormal world of Lethal Company during its early access phase, you are immediately confronted by the chilling atmosphere and the sense of looming danger. With its procedurally generated haunted moons and emphasis on strategic resource management, Lethal Company offers a unique take on co-op survival horror games.

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The Premise of Lethal Company - Co-op Space Horror

In the often adrenaline-fueled genre of cooperative survival horror games, Lethal Company has carved out a niche of its own. It thrusts players into a science fiction world where they must collaborate to survive the horrors that lurk in the dark. The game revolves around a team of interstellar scrap collectors who, while seeking valuable resources like “V8 engines” on distant moons, stumble upon supernatural evil forces. According to the game’s lore, these haunted moons are infested with malicious monsters that manifest physically to attack the lethal company associates. The player’s role is to ensure the team’s survival while gathering as many resources as possible before escaping the moon’s sinister grasp.

Gameplay Mechanics and Survival Tactics - Inventory Management and Communication

Surviving in Lethal Company is no small feat. Players must strategically manage their limited equipment and resources while navigating through treacherous environments. For example, the game introduces an encumbrance system that forces players to make tough decisions on what tools and weapons to carry based on weight and utility tradeoffs. Players also need to carefully manage the team’s battery power for flashlights, and other survival essentials. ammo, and battery capacity are limited, so exploring fast and with coordination is key to finding the scrap. Tactical coordination using in-game proximity voice chat is vital for taking down tougher enemies like coil heads or thumpers and surviving ambushes from snare fleas.

The Procedural Peril: Exploring Haunted Moons - Roguelike Generation

Every moon in Lethal Company is procedurally generated, making each gameplay session unique and unpredictable. The moons vary in topography, layout, and difficulty, presenting a range of challenges for players to overcome. According to developers, the algorithm can produce over 3 million distinct moon layouts. This roguelike element of unpredictability enhances the horror experience, making every Scrapping expedition a nail-biting adventure into the unknown. While no two moons are exactly alike, they share certain common parameters like a few room layouts, fire exits and monsters.

lethal company facility

Multiplayer Mayhem and Communication Dynamics - Teamwork is Key

Teamwork is critical in Lethal Company. A successful moon run requires careful planning, resource coordination, and clear communication among team members. Every sound cue or lack thereof can be a crucial clue to surviving an encounter with a ghostly adversary. The proximity voice chat feature is integral to multiplayer dynamics, allowing players to verbally warn teammates of impending threats. However, the chat range is limited, so players must stick close to effectively coordinate. Straying too far can put you in grave danger with no way to call for help when a monster ambushes you.

Visuals and Atmosphere: A Retro Horror Aesthetic - Low Poly Graphics and Ambient Sound

Lethal Company sports a distinctly retro graphical style, reminiscent of early 3D horror games. The low-poly environments are splashed with dynamic lighting and shadows that create a looming sense of dread and suspense. Despite its technical limitations, the game manages to maintain a chilling horror aesthetic throughout. The moons’ derelict facility and sporadically-placed scraps further accentuate the feeling of exploring an unsettling alien landscape. Combined with the eerie ambient soundtrack, the visual presentation makes traversing Lethal Company’s haunted facilities a terrifying experience. 

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The Early Access Experience: What's to Come? - Planned Updates and Improvements

Lethal Company is currently in its early access phase, which means there’s plenty of room for growth and improvement as development continues. The developers have hinted at plans for future updates that include story content and progression systems. For instance, a campaign mode with lore-driven missions and a levelling system to upgrade gear could provide more depth and incentive to keep playing. The Lethal Company community is waiting with bated breath to see how the game evolves over the early access period.

Is Lethal Company Worth Your Time? - For Fans of Co-op Survival Horror

For fans of cooperative survival horror games, Lethal Company offers a unique gameplay experience that blends resource management, team coordination, and atmospheric terror. Its procedural generation and retro aesthetic provide an enticing multiplayer adventure. However, as an early access title, it’s worth keeping an eye on this game as it continues to expand its features and content. If you enjoy tense, strategic sci-fi horror with lots of funny moments and want to help shape an emerging co-op game, Lethal Company may be worth delving into during its formative early access phase.


Question 1: As an early access game, what future updates are planned?

The developers plan to expand the story and add progression systems in future updates. There is also room for improvements to gameplay balance, content, and features as Lethal Company evolves. Players can expect more polish and expanded mechanics as development continues.

Question 2: Is Lethal Company suited for solo play or larger groups?

The game is designed primarily for co-op groups of 2-4 players. Solo play is very challenging, while larger groups may feel crowded. The gameplay is tuned for small, coordinated teams for the optimal experience.

Question 3: What type of playstyle is best suited for Lethal Company?

Methodical, strategic players that like managing resources and coordinating with teammates will appreciate Lethal Company’s gameplay. Impulsive or purely action-focused playstyles may struggle with the game’s emphasis on planning and communication.

Question 4: Is Lethal Company worth playing in its current early access state?

For co-op survival horror fans, Lethal Company shows promise in delivering engaging team-based gameplay. However, as an unfinished early access game, it’s a bit rough around the edges presently. It’s worth keeping on your radar as development progresses.

Question 5: What kind of enemies and horrors can you expect to encounter?

Players will face an assortment of ghostly enemies and paranormal horrors that lurk in the darkness of the haunted moons. The threats are atmospheric and keep players on edge through chilling sounds and ominous shadows.

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