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lethal company monster guide

Indoor monsters like the predatory hoarding bug and oozing Hygrodere present unique challenges. We made this lethal company monster guide keeping in mind you have to reach your profit quota! Contained within confined spaces, these creatures have adapted to their environments, using stealth, cunning, and sometimes sheer brute strength to stalk their prey. For instance, the hoarding bug will wait motionless for hours before attacking with its razor-sharp pincers. This section will cover these creatures and more, equipping you with the knowledge to face these indoor terrors. After mastering the indoor creatures, we’ll move to the great outdoors.

Delving into the Dark Of Lethal Company's horrors

Lethal Company is a new sci-fi horror game that combines the thrill of survival gameplay with cooperative multiplayer, set in an eerie, moonlit landscape. As you step into the paranormal world of Lethal Company during its early access phase, you are immediately confronted by the chilling atmosphere and the sense of looming danger. With its procedurally generated haunted moons and emphasis on strategic resource management, Lethal Company offers a unique take on co-op survival horror games.

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The Predatory Hoarding Bug


The hoarding bug is a deceptive creature that lurks in storage rooms and other cluttered areas, camouflaged amongst the junk it piles into mounds. It waits with insectile patience for prey to come within reach of its deadly pincers. 

How to fight it?

The best way to evade a hoarding bug is if you have nothing in your hands. If you have anything apart from a shovel do not aggravate the hoarding bug by running away instead just drop any item. It will pick it up and run away. If you have a shovel make the first strike when it comes near you. Just a like a thumper a hoarding bug also has a straight trajectory of attack, so you can evade it by jumping to the left or right and then striking it.

Do remember it takes a total of 4-5 hits to get you killed from a hoarding bug.

The Oozing Threat of the Hygrodere

This gelatinous monster slithers through pipes and dank subterranean tunnels. Although blind, its keen sense of smell can detect prey from afar. Be ready when it oozes out of the darkness.

How to fight it?

You cant fight it! Lure it into a room and lock it in but don’t fight it! You can save yourself by climbing on a railing. 

Do remember Hygrodere gives a total of 1 hit to end your career as an employee at lethal company !

Ceiling-Dwelling Snare Fleas

Avoid open corridors and atriums, as the venomous snare flea inhabits these areas. It anchors nearly invisible strands of webbing on ceilings and walls, waiting to entrap victims.

How to fight it?

They can kill you, but take a lot of time, just keep scanning the roof above you occasionally to avoid dying from this. If caught by a snare flea stand still till your teammate hits the snare flea and it will unwrap from your face. Another way to avoid it is just don’t walk directly underneath it and you will be fine.

Spore Lizards: the friendly puppies

This lizard species spreads toxic spores and secretes corrosive venom. Wear gas masks when exploring their territory, and do not attempt melee combat. 

They can make nice pets. Just don’t go near them then they will spew gas bite you!

Battling the Bunker Spider

bunker spider

Though large, the bunker spider has poor vision, relying on vibrations to hunt. Move slowly and use ranged attacks to defeat this subterranean horror.

How to fight it?

You can fight this monster with a shovel and a taze gun or just a shovel. They move in one straight direction chasing you to death if you step on their web or attack them first. Their web slows you down so make sure to get out of it quick. Best way to win against them is to make a team mate get baited and run while you can attack the spider from the back. Folks with arachnophobia can enable the arachnophobia mode.

They can kill you with just two hits so be very careful when fighting them. 

Thumping Thumpers: A Sound Strategy

Thumpers are easily startled creatures that will charge when alarmed. Use stealth or noisemakers to distract them away from you.

How to fight it?

As shown in the image just jump on it and fight it in close proximity by jumping around. They can’t charge on you when you are too close to them. Beware to be extra precautious while fighting. You can also just keep walking backward in a long hallway without going too far away so it cant charge or bite you. They make very loud thumps when moving so they are easy to identify. They are still very glitched and can run at extreme speeds in any direction if you decide to climb onto something like a railing.

2-3 hits and you are dead. Make sure to time your attacks and jump away when being attacked.

Bracken: The Shy Yet Deadly Flower Man


This humanoid plant creature camouflages itself as part of overgrown indoor foliage. It strikes when prey draw near with long, sharp claws. Keep your distance.

How to fight it?

There are rumors that a bracken shall spawn if there is a backroom in the facility and you discover it. There is no way to defeat it unless you have a shotgun from killing the nutcracker. It takes two hits to kill the Bracken with a shotgun. If you look at it for a short period of time and then look away it will run away and come back later but if you look long enough or go too close it will snap your neck!

This guy is one of the clutch lords of lethal company’s monster group. One snap one kill killing spree starts if you trigger it.

Masked Employee: Are they your teammates?

masked employee

They are possessed mask employees from previous expeditions who are dead. They will kill you and create a replica or multiply themselves so be careful not to go close. They are easy to kill only if you know that they are not your teammate…

How to fight it?

Shotgun,, shovels, stop signs anything will work. If you find sattire masks in scrap dont wear them unless you want to turn into them and kill your fellow partners.

They can instantly kill you, but I really hope you can kill them before that!

Nut Cracker: Cracks your head open with a shotty

These are newly added scout like monsters almost like a toy. Far or close the only way to survive them if you dodge the double barrel shotgun they have. On killing them you will get a shotgun.

How to fight it?

There are many ways but the best way is to just try to glitch them in doorways by standing at the edge of the door so they cant shoot you, and attack them when they are reloading

That shotgun is a sniper.

The Eerie Coil-head: Managing the Unseen Menace


Coil-heads inhabit pipes and vents, dropping onto victims from above. Listen for their telltale metallic knocking as they crawl through ductwork.

How to fight it?

Super agile and quick to reach you, you cant kill them in any way whatsoever! Only way to stop them is by looking at them constantly without turning. Only one player needs to do this while others can loot. You can move them and clear alley ways for your teammates by quickly looking away and looking back to move it.

A very hostile monster which instantly can eliminate an entire group in seconds while replacing each member’s head with a coil as a way of showing its signature kill.

The Enraged Jester: Escaping Its Frenzy

passive jester

This monster plays disturbing melodies that drive humans insane with rage. Shut doors and run far away when you hear its music box.

passive jester

The jester coils itself for about 25-30 secs and then attacks.

attacking jester

When in attack mode its speed increases until it has killed every single person inside the facility on the map.

How to fight it?

When it is in coiling phase rotating its cranks run for the exit in about 30 secs, if everyone exits the facility or if anyone inside is terminated the jester will go back to passive phase

Dont fight just scream and run.

Ghost Girl in the Red Dress: The Inescapable Haunt

the girl

This spectral girl phase shifts across rooms unpredictably. Bolted doors cannot stop her. Your only hope is to keep moving and break her line of sight.

How to fight it?

At first heavy breaths and then you will start seeing her in dark corners at unexpected places. She spawns if the team’s sanity is falling or your sanity is dropping low. When you start seeing her she will eventually show up in all maps and if she goes to active mode she will start skipping and coming towards you. She can walk out of the facility too so the only way to fight back is leave the moon!


If you are extra lucky you will get to see multiple of them at once ! good luck!

lethal company little girl

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Monster Hunting in Lethal Company

Surviving Lethal Company requires mastering the art of monster hunting. It’s about understanding your enemy, strategizing, and using the proper tools. With the knowledge and tips provided in this guide, you’ll be on your way to becoming a seasoned monster hunter, ready to navigate the nightmares of Lethal Company. Soon you’ll evolve from prey cowering in fear to a predator on the hunt. Our journey together ends here, but yours has only just begun. Now go bravely into the darkness, hunter!


Question 1: What tactics work best when ambushed by monsters?

Stay calm and don’t panic. Quickly assess the situation and terrain. Get distance and use ranged attacks if possible. Fighting blindly will only make the ambush more deadly.

Question 2: How can I avoid becoming disoriented in monster lairs?

Use navigation tools like your teammates at the terminal or use spray cans to mark your way. Listen for unique monster sounds to identify locations. Follow your instincts and maintain spatial awareness, even in twisting lairs.

Question 3: : Do different monsters have specific weaknesses I can exploit?

Yes, study habits and analyze anatomy to find vulnerabilities. The Hygrodere is blind but has a keen sense of smell – mask your scent. Buzzing circuit bees are vulnerable to water. Find and capitalize on these weaknesses.

Question 4: What supplies should I carry when exploring Lethal Company?

If a four man team is going in, have 1 utility item in each team members slot or just carry necessary equipment to the main entrance and go in assess the situation and carry required weaponse in after that.

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