Golden Sun The Lost Age Guide: Gameplay, Characters and Secrets

golden sun the lost age

So, today marks the drop for the game the golden sun and golden sun the lost age. This game was already teased last year that it would be dropping in January and these two games are advances of the original gameboy launch. Both the games are like a prequel and sequel to each other or like expansions, so it only makes sense to drop them together side by side today on January 17th.

Without waiting any further, lets dive into gameplay, characters and more!

World and Storyline

Golden Sun: The Lost Age is set in the same world as its predecessor, featuring a rich storyline that unfolds through captivating cutscenes. Players are immersed in a fantasy realm where they embark on an epic quest to save the world from impending doom. The game introduces new characters while also revisiting familiar faces from the first installment, adding depth to the narrative.

Venturing through diverse landscapes, players encounter elemental-based puzzles and challenges that are intricately woven into the gameplay mechanics. Each character possesses unique abilities aligned with earth, fire, water, or wind elements. These skills play an integral role in both combat and puzzle-solving scenarios.

Elemental-Based Gameplay

The game’s elemental-based gameplay mechanics bring a strategic dimension to battles and exploration alike. For instance, using fire-based abilities against foes vulnerable to such attacks can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Similarly, leveraging water-based powers to navigate through obstacles showcases how elemental dynamics shape every aspect of the game.

Exploration forms a significant part of the gaming experience as players traverse varied terrains teeming with hidden treasures and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Engaging environmental puzzles seamlessly blend into these exploratory segments, offering rewarding challenges that require creative thinking.

Character Customization and Djinn System

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Customizing Characters

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, players can customize characters’ classes by combining different Djinn. By strategically assigning these elemental creatures to characters, players can unlock various class changes, altering the characters’ abilities and stats.

For example:

  • Assigning Venus Djinn to Felix may result in a shift towards a more defensive class with increased earth-based abilities.
  • Utilizing Mars Djinn for Jenna could lead to a more offensive class with enhanced fire-based skills.

Harnessing the Power of Djinn

The Djinn system also allows players to utilize these elemental creatures for powerful summons during battles. By collecting and utilizing specific combinations of Djinn assigned to each character, players can unleash devastating summon attacks against enemies.

For instance:

  • Combining multiple Mercury Djinn may enable the summoning of “Nereid,” unleashing a potent water-based attack on adversaries.
  • Coordinating various Jupiter Djinn might trigger the summon “Atalanta,” delivering a formidable wind-aligned strike in combat.

Impact on Stats and Abilities

Moreover, the allocation of Djinn has direct effects on character stats and abilities. Depending on which types of Djinn are set to each character, their strengths, weaknesses, and available actions in battle will vary significantly. This dynamic feature adds depth to gameplay as players strategize not only for combat but also for optimizing their characters’ overall capabilities based on their preferred playstyle.

Battle Strategies and Leveling Up Tips

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Utilizing Djinn in Battles

In battles, utilizing Djinn can significantly impact the outcome. By strategically assigning Djinn to characters, players can unleash powerful abilities and summon creatures to aid them. For instance, assigning earth-based Djinn to a character like Isaac will increase his earth power and grant access to stronger earth-based spells and summons.

Strategic planning is essential when using Djinn during battles. Players must consider the elemental attributes of both their party members and enemies. For example, if an enemy is weak against fire attacks, allocating fire-based Djinn to characters will exploit this weakness for maximum damage.

Leveling Up Characters

Engaging in frequent battles is crucial for accumulating experience points. These points contribute to leveling up characters, enhancing their stats and unlocking new abilities. Defeating stronger opponents yields higher experience rewards compared to weaker foes.

Furthermore, exploring different areas thoroughly may lead to encountering tougher adversaries that offer greater experience rewards upon defeat. This encourages players to strategize not only in battle but also in navigating the game world effectively for optimal leveling opportunities.

Navigating Overworld and Uncovering Secrets

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Exploring Environments

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, players get to explore a variety of diverse environments within the game’s overworld. From lush forests to scorching deserts, there are many different landscapes to traverse. Each area presents unique challenges and opportunities for uncovering hidden items, dungeons, and secrets. For example, in the town of Lemuria, players can navigate through its underwater sections with their ship to discover concealed treasures.

Utilizing Psynergy Abilities

To access new areas and reveal hidden secrets in the game, players must make strategic use of their Psynergy abilities. These special powers allow them to move objects blocking pathways or create bridges over gaps. For instance, using the “Lash” Psynergy enables players to reach previously inaccessible locations by latching onto specific points in the environment.

Unearthing Hidden Treasures

Throughout the game’s overworld, there are numerous secret spots where valuable items or powerful equipment can be found. By carefully exploring every nook and cranny of each environment, players may stumble upon rare artifacts that boost their characters’ abilities or provide advantages in battles against enemies.

Players navigating through these diverse environments should also keep an eye out for subtle visual cues such as slightly discolored patches of land or peculiar rock formations that may indicate hidden entrances to dungeons or secluded areas containing important treasures.

Plot Synopsis and Character Development

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Narrative Progression

In Golden Sun The Lost Age, the narrative progresses as the protagonist, Felix, and his group embark on a quest to restore Alchemy to the world. Along the way, they encounter various challenges and adversaries while uncovering crucial plot points. For example, they must navigate through treacherous environments like Jupiter Lighthouse and battle powerful foes such as the Doom Dragon.

As players guide Felix’s group through these obstacles, they witness significant plot developments that shape the game’s storyline. These include encounters with characters from the previous game who join forces with Felix, adding depth to both the narrative and character development.

Character Development

Throughout Golden Sun The Lost Age, character development is a key aspect of the gameplay experience. Players observe how each member of Felix’s party evolves in response to their experiences and interactions. For instance, Jenna transforms from a grieving sister into a determined ally ready to face any challenge alongside her companions.

The choices made by players also influence how characters develop throughout their journey. Depending on player decisions during pivotal moments in the game, certain characters may undergo unique personal growth or change their outlook on specific events.


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The in-depth exploration of “Golden Sun: The Lost Age” has highlighted its intricate gameplay mechanics, character customization, battle strategies, overworld navigation, and captivating plot. This comprehensive analysis equips both new and seasoned players with valuable insights to enhance their gaming experience.

For those seeking an immersive RPG with a rich storyline and strategic gameplay, “Golden Sun: The Lost Age” proves to be a compelling choice. By delving into the game’s nuances and mastering its diverse elements, players can unlock its full potential and unravel hidden secrets. Embracing the intricacies of character development, mastering the Djinn system, and honing battle tactics will undoubtedly elevate one’s journey through Weyard.


Question 1: What are the key gameplay mechanics in Golden Sun The Lost Age?

Golden Sun The Lost Age features a deep and engaging gameplay experience, including puzzle-solving using Psynergy abilities, turn-based combat with Djinn summoning, exploration of diverse environments, and interaction with non-playable characters to progress the storyline.

Question 2: How does character customization work in Golden Sun The Lost Age?

Players can customize their party members’ classes by assigning different Djinn to alter their elemental affinities and stats. Equipping various types of weapons, armor, and accessories allows for further customization to suit specific playstyles or combat situations.

Question 3: What battle strategies should players employ in Golden Sun The Lost Age?

Effective battle strategies involve utilizing Djinn effectively to unleash powerful summons while balancing their elemental distribution for maximum impact. Players should also focus on exploiting enemy weaknesses through careful use of Psynergy spells and coordinating synergy effects between party members.

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