Enshrouded Gameplay: Crafting Basics & Ancient Vaults Rescue

enshrouded gameplay

Hey Shroud Survivors! I am 7 hours into enshrouded gameplay and here are somethings that are worth sharing to save your time and complete the initial quests quickly. Just a small tip for new survivors, always keep collecting fiber from bushes to make bandages and purple berries regenerate health as well! So during a fight a berry is something you want to keep handy before dropping in! Let’s dive in.

The First Spawn

enshrouded spawn of character

When you first spawn in Enshrouded, follow the guiding light to an abandoned mine. Inside, head left at the intersection to find bombs that can help damage terrain and reveal a weapon chest.

As you venture into this vast world, remember that the Shroud plays a pivotal role in your gameplay experience. It’s not just roaming enemies that pose a threat; the consuming fog of the Shroud is equally dangerous. There are two types of Shroud: blue, which you can enter for a limited time based on your Flame Altar‘s strength, and red (Deadly Shroud), which is inaccessible until you strengthen your Flame Altar.

Learning to Navigate in the Shroud

the first shroud location

The mysterious fog known as “the Shroud” covers various parts of Enshrouded’s land. As it takes over an area, green turns to gray and creatures mutate into Fell. To progress through the game, entering the Shroud becomes necessary at times; however, your stay inside is limited due to its hazardous nature.

Players must learn how to navigate within this enshrouded landscape while managing their resources effectively in the game. By understanding how different areas in the game are affected by varying degrees of shrouding and learning when and where it’s safe or perilous to explore or engage with enemies, they can strategically plan their movements and actions.

Take your time and Explore Everything

navigating in different regions

Navigating Different Regions

Exploring various regions and locations is crucial for survival and progress within the enshrouded gameplay of Enshrouded. To survive and explore the game, players must complete main quests to strengthen their Flame Altar, granting access to new areas and upgraded gear for coping with increased difficulty levels. These quests unlock Ancient Spires, revealing the locations of Shroud Roots, Flame Sanctums, and Flame Altars. However, thorough map exploration in the game uncovers additional points of interest beyond the main quest line.

Venturing into different regions not only enriches gameplay but also provides essential resources for prolonged survival within the shroud. Players can extend their base survival time in the Shroud by consuming specific items or upgrading the Flame Altar as they progress through the game’s stages.

Strategies for Survival

strategies for survival in enshrouded

Surviving inside the game’s Shroud involves locating its respective boss to eliminate it from a particular area. This action clears that area from shrouding effects. While inside this perilous game environment, players should keep an eye out for Return Beacons and Hourglass Capsules – these items grant additional time inside the fog and serve as checkpoints if a battle is lost within it.

Understanding how to effectively navigate through different regions while managing limited time becomes pivotal in ensuring overall progression speed within Enshrouded gameplay.

  • Pros:
  • Thorough exploration unlocks additional points of interest.
  • Upgrading Flame Altar grants access to new areas.
  • Extended survival time enhances resource gathering opportunities.
  • Cons:
  • Limited survival duration necessitates strategic planning.
  • Increased difficulty levels may pose challenges during exploration.

Crafting Basics

A roof, some heat and a cozy bed

a small house in enshrouded

When creating your base in the game Enshrouded, it’s essential to start small with a 4×4 cubicle base. This size is just enough to accommodate a bed, chest, fireplace, and crafting bench. These game items will ensure you stay well-rested and warm during the night while allowing you to craft new items as needed. As you progress, you can slowly expand your base. When using the hammer in the game for building, holding Alt + R allows you to cycle between various dimensions for layouts such as 2*2 layouts and 4*4 layouts.

Moreover, by interacting with the Flame Altar in Enshrouded using the Construction Hammer equipped on TAB or LT mode enables players to enter Building Mode where they can utilize diverse shapes from their standard hotbar transformed into a building hotbar.

Essential crafting materials required in enshrouded

essentials for crafting and base building

To customize building pieces effectively in the game Enshrouded, there are three different ways: use the scroll wheel or D-pad left/right to choose building shape; change the building material using CTRL + scroll wheel or D-pad up/down; switch between different building shape hotbars by using ALT + scroll wheel or RB + D-pad up/down.

In addition to the Construction Hammer mentioned earlier for constructing structures using blocks or voxels, there are several other useful tools available that significantly enhance your construction capabilities in Enshrouded game. Some of these include:

  • Workbench: Requires 3x String and 8x Wood Logs.
  • Rough Stone Block, Rough Wood Block & Plant Fiber Roof Block: Each stack (100x blocks) requires specific materials like Stone & Wood used when constructing bases in the game.
  • Axe: Requires Twigs, Stone & String.
  • Pickaxe: Requires Twigs, Stone & String.

rescuing survivors from the Ancient Vaults

Navigating to the Ancient Vaults

braelyn bridge enshrouded

To rescue survivors from the Ancient Vaults, players need to follow a specific path. First, they must head to the Braelyn Bridge and then venture into the shroud path located underneath it. If they have crafted a grapple, using it will allow them to cross the bridge easily. However, if not, following the shrouded path is essential for reaching the other side of the bridge. Once on this side of the bridge, heading left will lead them to their destination.

Players should be equipped with either a bow or a wand when navigating this area as enemies pose a significant threat and can eliminate them swiftly with just one hit. Caution is advised around red barrels in this location.

It’s crucial for players to keep an eye out for Lore books and materials along their journey towards rescuing survivors from the Ancient Vaults. Gathering these resources can provide valuable insights and aid in enhancing gameplay capabilities.

Ensuring Survival

enshrouded spawn of character

Rescuing survivors from these treacherous areas requires careful planning and strategic maneuvering. Players must remain vigilant at all times while traversing through challenging terrains filled with formidable adversaries.

Equipping themselves with appropriate weapons such as bows or wands ensures that players are prepared for combat situations that may arise during their mission to save survivors from perilous locations like the Ancient Vaults.


In conclusion, mastering the basics of enshrouded gameplay is crucial for a successful gaming experience. Taking the time to explore every aspect, understanding crafting fundamentals, and rescuing survivors from the Ancient Vaults are essential components that contribute to overall progress and enjoyment within the game. By immersing oneself in these elements, players can enhance their skills and uncover hidden treasures, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling gameplay experience.

For those seeking to excel in enshrouded gameplay, it’s imperative to apply the knowledge gained from these sections diligently. By honing their understanding of the basics, exploring thoroughly, mastering crafting techniques, and excelling in rescue missions, players can elevate their gaming proficiency and maximize their enjoyment of the game.


Question 1: What are the basic gameplay mechanics in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded features various basic gameplay mechanics such as crafting, exploration, and rescuing survivors. Players can engage in activities like gathering resources, building shelters, and defending against threats while uncovering the game’s mysteries.

Question 2: How do players navigate through the game world?

Players are encouraged to take their time and explore every aspect of the game world. By thoroughly exploring different environments and locations, players can discover valuable resources, hidden secrets, and encounter unique challenges that enrich their gaming experience.

Question 3: What is involved in crafting within Enshrouded?

Crafting basics involve gathering materials from the environment to create tools, weapons, structures, and other essential items for survival. Players must carefully manage their resources and prioritize crafting based on their immediate needs within the game.

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