Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether distance

ark survival ascended non dedicated server tether distance

Psst! Did you know that in Ark: Survival Ascended, the length of your virtual leash, erm… I mean tether distance, can make or break your multiplayer adventures? Yep, it’s true! Think of it as your gaming GPS that determines how far you can roam from your buddies. From influencing teamwork tactics to mapping out your epic conquests, tether distance is an absolute game-changer. So, buckle up (or leash up?), Let me take you through the ins and outs of tether distance in Ark: Survival Ascended. It’ll be a quick fix, I promise!

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Modifying Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance

In order to modify Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance, players can adjust the tether distance to suit their preferences. This involves accessing specific settings within the game or utilizing console commands. By navigating to the General tab in the Host/Local option from the main menu, players can locate the Non-Dedicated Host Tether Distance setting and input a desired number for either a shorter or longer tether distance.

If you’re tired of the restrictions that come with tether distance in Ark Survival Ascended, there are a few ways to break free. One method involves tweaking the settings within the game itself. By adjusting the tether distance meter, you can potentially extend or completely remove this limitation, allowing for more freedom to explore without being tied down by proximity constraints.

Follow this:

  • First go to the main menu
  • Click on the HOST/LOCAL option
  • Then click on the General Tab
  • If you scroll for a bit you will find Non-Dedicated Host Tether Distance setting and put a number, lower or higher according to your requirement.

Considerations for Non-Dedicated Servers

It’s important to note that non-dedicated servers have certain limitations. These restrictions may affect how much freedom players have in customizing their gaming experiences based on their preferred tether distances. As such, while modifying Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance, it’s essential for players to consider these constraints and set realistic expectations regarding how far they’ll be able to roam from each other within the game world.

  • Lower tether distance: More better gameplay experience with friends.
  • Higher tether distance: Allows exploration of larger areas without being teleported back.

Impact of Tether Distance on Game Performance

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Network Latency

Ark Survival Ascended non dedicated server tether distance and dedicated server tether distance plays a crucial role in determining the game’s performance. When the tether distance is increased, it can lead to higher network latency. This means that there is a delay between an action being performed and its effect being seen in the game. For example, if you’re playing with friends and your tether distance is too large, you might notice a delay when trying to interact with objects or creatures.

A larger tether distance may strain the server’s resources as it tries to keep track of all the players spread out over a wider area. This strain can result in lag, where movements become jerky or delayed, and decreased overall performance such as reduced frame rates.

Optimizing Tether Distance

Optimizing tether distance becomes essential for improving game performance, especially during multiplayer sessions with multiple players involved. By setting an appropriate tether distance, you can ensure smoother gameplay experiences for everyone involved. For instance, reducing the tether distance could alleviate strain on the server and subsequently reduce lag issues experienced by players within close proximity.

  • Increased network latency
  • Strain on server resources
  • Lag and decreased frame rates
  • Optimization for improved multiplayer experience

Understanding the Role of Tether Distance

Promoting Cooperative Gameplay

Tether distance in Ark: Survival Ascended plays a crucial role in promoting cooperative gameplay. It ensures that players stay within a certain range of each other, fostering teamwork and coordination. For example, when exploring the game’s vast world, tether distance prevents individuals from straying too far apart, encouraging them to work together towards common goals.

Maintaining Teamwork and Coordination By limiting how far players can venture from each other, tether distance maintains a sense of teamwork and coordination. This restriction encourages collaboration among players as they explore the environment or engage in battles. As a result, it enhances the overall gaming experience by emphasizing the importance of mutual support and communication within the group.

Ensuring Network Connectivity and Performance

As mentioned earlier, Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server tether distance acts as a safety measure to avoid potential issues with network connectivity and performance. By keeping players close to one another, it reduces strain on the game’s servers while ensuring smooth interactions between team members. This is particularly important in multiplayer modes where seamless connectivity is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience.


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You’ve now gained a comprehensive understanding of Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance. Whether you’re modifying the distance or aiming to eliminate it entirely, these insights will undoubtedly enhance your gaming experience. Remember, tweaking tether distance can significantly impact game performance, so finding the right balance is crucial for seamless gameplay.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge to navigate Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance and dedicated server tether distance as well, go ahead and put these strategies into action. Dive back into the game and experiment with different settings to see how they affect your overall experience. Happy gaming!


Question 1: How does Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance affect gameplay on the entire map?

Ark Survival Ascended Non Dedicated Server Tether Distance determines how far players can move away from each other before being pulled back. This can impact exploration and teamwork, as it restricts the distance between players.

Question 2: Can Tether Distance be adjusted on non-dedicated servers?

Yes, you can modify tether distance on non-dedicated servers by adjusting the server settings. This allows for a customized gaming experience based on your preferences and requirements.

Question 3: What methods can you try to completely remove Tether Distance in Ark: Survival Ascended?

There are various methods to remove tether distance completely, such as using mods or tweaking game files. However, it’s essential to consider the impact this may have on game performance and stability.

Question 4: How does Tether Distance affect game performance?

Tether distance can influence game performance by impacting rendering and processing resources. A larger tether distance may strain hardware capabilities, affecting framerate and overall gameplay smoothness.

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